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Under the umbrella of SEO Services, we bring expertise in the following areas:

Local SEO

If you’re a local business, you know that local SEO is critical to getting your name in front of your customers. We can quickly identify and correct issues that can be holding you back from ranking in the local search results. Moreover, we can help you maintain your position once attained.

Google My Business (GMB) Optimization

As the home base for your business on Google, you want to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to send the signal to Google and more importantly, your customers that you’re open for business. We can help you set up your listing. Beyond that, we can help you complete your GMB listing in a way that helps to propel you to the top of the local rankings.

Google Maps OptimizationGoogle Maps SEO

Taking up a major portion of the real estate on the first page of the local search results, Google Maps are an absolute necessity for any business serious about gaining more customer exposure from the search engines. We can diagnose why you’re not ranking as high as you could. We can also help implement strategies that will skyrocket your listing. If you’ve noticed a drop in ranking in Google Maps, we can fix that too.

Bing Maps OptimizationBing Maps SEO

Often overlooked, Bing Maps are still a serious source of reliable traffic for your business. Just like with Google, we can help you dominate the Bing Maps as well.

Citation Building

A significant positive ranking signal in local search is business citations. If you don’t have as many as your competitors, it can be part of the reason that you’re not ranking. We can fix that by building citations on the leading directories.

local search ecosystem - citation building

Citation Cleanup

Have you recently moved? Are your citations a mess? If you’re not sending a consistent signal to the search engines through citations that are consistent, you can see your rankings diminish. Let us take care of tidying up your business presence on other websites.

Organic SEO

While important for local seo, organic seo is critical if you are a national or global brand. With more than 15 years competing in organic search, we can help you to develop a winning strategy for organic search that matches your business needs.

Content Outreach

Having your content appear on other websites can serve two purposes. First, it can be used to generate a link back to your website, giving you a boost in the search engines. Second, it can expose a whole new audience to your business and expertise. We can help you identify the best targets for outreach and even supply the content if you would prefer.


Keyword Research

Any successful search engine campaign starts with keyword research. We will dive deep into your niche, and show the hidden keyword gems that you and your competitors may have missed.


On-page Optimization

What you do on-page has a significant impact on your search rankings. We’ll give your website a full checkup to find things that may be holding you back from ranking where you should. Our comprehensive report can be used by you, an outside webmaster, or if you prefer, we can make the necessary changes to improve your website.


split testing seo servicesSplit Testing

If you aren’t split testing, you’re leaving money on the table every month. Simple conversion testing can uncover reasons why customers are not following through with a purchase. It can also improve your website’s bounce rate which is a strong ranking factor as well.


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